Sickness, Injury & Absence



We are responsible for the payment of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) to all eligible employees during authorised absence due to sickness/injury.  There are specific qualifying regulations for the payment of SSP (laid down by Government regulation).  Provided you qualify we will pay you SSP when you are absent through sickness/injury for 4 or more consecutive days.  Such payment will be made through your normal pay procedure and will be subject to the normal statutory deductions (N.I. and Income Tax).


SSP is only payable on 'qualifying days' which are days you would normally be at work.  However, the first 3 qualifying days of sickness/injury absence do not attract SSP and these are called 'waiting days'.  Where there are linked periods of sickness/injury absence of 4 days or more (i.e. more than one such period of absence within a 56 day period) then only one period of waiting days is served.  Providing you comply with the Company’s rules regarding absences through sickness you will receive any Statutory Sick Pay to which you may be entitled.  Any other payment will be at the sole discretion of the Company, unless otherwise stated in your contract of employment.


The payment of salary during the waiting days is at the Company’s discretion. We reserve the right not to make any payment in respect of absences (whether in respect of illness or otherwise) where the employee concerned has not complied with our absence reporting and/or medical certification procedures, and/or has not fully co-operated with any request(s) by the Company for further information and/or documentation.   




You must notify your Reporting Manager by telephone, at the earliest opportunity on the first day of your sickness absence.  Normally this should be done before your starting time on that day but, if this is not possible, then you must contact us at the latest by 10:00am or within 3 hours of the start of your work on that date whichever is the soonest.  If these timescales are not complied with, an explanation will be required.


Notification should be made personally, or when you are not able to, by a relative, friend or neighbour.


It is essential that you comply with the above so that we can make arrangements to cover your duties and responsibilities thus minimising the disruption to our business and maintaining a reasonable workload for your colleagues.


You will be required to provide the following information when you notify us of your absence:-


  • the reason for your absence.
  • how long you expect to be absent from work.


You must notify your Reporting Manager, by telephone at the latest by midday on the day before the day on which you intend to return to work.  This is to allow us to stand down any temporary arrangements made to cover your absence and to plan for you to resume your duties and responsibilities.


N.B.     Failure to observe and comply with these procedures may result in your absence being considered to be unauthorised and payments being withheld and the appropriate disciplinary action taken.




Unless you have submitted a Self Certification form during your initial absence you will be required to complete the Company's Self Certification Form on your return to work. This document can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.


You may only self-certify for up to seven consecutive days (including Saturdays and Sundays).




If you are absent from work for longer than seven days you must forward a Doctors Medical Certificate to us.  After the submission of this first certificate you are required to keep us notified of your continued sickness at appropriate intervals and to keep us supplied with consecutive medical certificates to justify your absence.  We reserve the right in certain circumstances to require a Doctors Certificate from you for periods of absence less than seven days.




We reserve the right, where it is deemed appropriate, to access a written medical report supplied by your doctor/specialist, which provides details of your current state of health and your fitness to continue to undertake your duties and responsibilities.  Your written consent will be sought on each occasion.


You may decline to consent for this purpose, following which employment decisions will be made by the Company on the best available facts known to us at the time.




Where it is considered necessary we reserve the right to ask you to undergo an independent medical examination at the Company’s expense, and you are expected to comply with all reasonable requests.




In the event of absence through an injury caused as a result of a negligent third party and you are able to claim damages from that third party for loss of earnings, then you must promptly inform us in order that any Company Sick Pay made to you, can be recovered.




Within this section we have referred to the need to supply either Self Certification Forms or Doctors' Certificates to justify your absence from work through sickness.  We will monitor repeated or continued absence (whether certificated or not), and seek to balance the needs of both the employee(s) concerned and the business.




If you are certified unfit to perform your normal duties, through sickness/injury, the Company reserves the right to require you to attend work and undertake any reasonable alternative/light duties, or work shorter hours, for the period of your incapacity.  In all cases due regard will be given to the nature of your sickness/injury and your circumstances.




If you are suffering from such a condition you must not report for work without your doctor's clearance.  If in any doubt please notify us and consult your doctor.


We reserve the right to not permit you to return to work without a doctor’s certificate advising that you may do so without risk to you and/or others.




In order that the Company may assist concerning individual entitlements with regard to Statutory Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leave and Pay, and details of other rights, please notify your Reporting Manager as soon as possible after being informed of the pregnancy/adoption, along with the anticipated date of the birth or adoption.  Entitlements will be calculated in accordance with the relevant legal provisions in force at the time.




Employees who qualify for unpaid time off within the provisions of the above legislation should make their applications for time off to their Reporting Manager. 




We recognise that there will be occasions when employees will request time off for medical, dental appointments etc, or indeed for domestic reasons.  Such requests will only be granted at the discretion of your Reporting Manager and in the interests of business efficiency, such requests should be kept to a minimum.  Where possible, such appointments should be arranged outside of normal working hours or at the very least for the very beginning or very end of the working day to minimise disruption.


Should you find you need to leave work during the working day, you must first obtain the permission of your Reporting Manager and agree that time must be made up.


Self-Certificate Form
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