Pay & Other Benefits



Your contract of employment will indicate your rate of pay (including whether or not you are entitled to overtime pay for additional hours) and the frequency and method of payment.  You will be issued with a pay statement indicating how your gross pay has been calculated and the deductions that have been made i.e. P.A.Y.E. and National Insurance.


If you encounter any problems with your pay, e.g. incorrect payment, under-payment, overpayment, incorrect deductions etc, then all such problems should in the first instance be promptly raised with the Payroll Department.  Please note that in the event of an overpayment the excess payment will normally be deducted in full from your next payment. By signing and returning the Return Slip, you consent to any and all deductions from your salary and/or other remuneration provided that these comply with the law in force at the time.   You will be given as much warning of any such deduction as is reasonably practicable, and any individual hardship will be taken into account and may result in agreement for repayment over a longer period. 


There will be an annual review of all salaries each year which will often (but not always) take place in April. This is not intended to confer any right to a salary increase. There is no such right unless it is expressly provided for in writing in the case of any employee(s) concerned.




These are set out in your contract of employment.


Where provided by law, you will also have the opportunity to opt-out of the restriction of an average 48 hour working week by signing an individual agreement.




You may occasionally be asked to work additional hours over and above your normal weekly hours as required by the needs of the business, and you are expected to comply with all reasonable requests. As much notice as is reasonably practicable will be given on such occasions. These additional hours are unpaid unless they have been approved beforehand in writing.




Some employees may be eligible for overtime pay. If you are unsure whether this is applicable in your position, please speak with your Reporting Manager.




Unless otherwise provided, all employees are permitted to take one fifteen minute break in the morning and in the afternoon. Also, they may take a minimum of thirty minutes for lunch.


Breaks for smokers which were permitted in addition to the above have been withdrawn so that all employees are now treated equally in this respect.




In accordance with all relevant legal requirements, smoking is prohibited throughout the workplace, including all areas both inside and outside the building and in company-owned vehicles. The only exception is in areas which have been expressly designated for smoking.


This provision applies to employees, customers and visitors. 




The tax year changes over in the first week of April each year, and following the end of the Tax Year we will issue Form P60 which indicates the total pay you have received over the previous tax year and the relevant deductions that have been made for National Insurance and Income Tax.  Form P60 is issued as a legal requirement and we are unable to provide duplicate copies.  Please ensure that you retain this document in a safe place.




As appropriate to your individual contractual circumstances, the Company may have to complete a form P11D to declare benefits which you have received in the course of your employment.  Form P11D is issued as a legal requirement for us and we are unable to provide duplicate copies.  Please ensure that you retain this document in a safe place.




For current employees you will retain your existing Pension arrangements.


We operate a Stakeholders Pension Scheme which employees may join after three months’ continuous employment.  The Company will make employer contributions from the 6th April immediately following five years’ continuous employment. Please contact the Payroll Department for further details.


In its sole discretion, the Company reserves the right to amend, replace and/or withdraw any pension scheme at any time. Employees will be given as much notice of this as is reasonably practicable.




We will reimburse you for authorised and legitimate expenditure reasonably incurred by you during the proper performance of your duties, i.e. travel, accommodation and other agreed out-of-pocket expenses provided that you complete and return an expense claim form  together with valid and supporting receipts to the FD.