Vehicle Policy

1          GENERAL


At the Company’s entire discretion, you may be provided with a Company vehicle in which case the provisions of this policy apply.  The Company may at any time withdraw this benefit without notice.

If you are provided with a Company Car, you will be the AUTHORISED driver and he or she may nominate their spouse/partner as a PERMITTED driver.  A PERMITTED driver must have a full driving licence, a copy of which should be provided to Head Office.  The Company reserves the right to reject any such application without having to provide a reason.  The AUTHORISED driver may give permission to another employee of the Company to drive the Company Car for business purposes only.

If you are provided with a Company Van, you are the AUTHORISED driver and you are not entitled to nominate any person as a PERMITTED driver; only you can drive the Company Van.


2          Authorised Driver


            You must have a current full driving licence, a copy of which should be provided to Head Office on an annual basis. 


            If you have nominated a permitted driver then that person should have a full driving licence, a copy of which should be provided to Head Office.


3.         Condition of Vehicle


The authorised driver should make the vehicle available to his manager for inspection on a monthly basis.


4.         Receipt and Return of Vehicle


On leaving employment or return of the vehicle, should your vehicle be returned with any damage or be in need of professional cleaning a deduction will be made from your salary  to cover the costs involved.   You hereby agree that any such deduction may be made from your salary.


5.         Road Fund Licence                                                                                                  

The authorised driver should ensure that the licence is current and displayed correctly.


6.         MOT Certificates


The Company is responsible for obtaining MOT Certificates but upon notification, the authorised driver must make the vehicle available to the garage undertaking the MOT inspection and any associated repairs.


7.      Insurance                                                                                                                             

The Company Vehicle will be comprehensively insured and a copy of the Certificate of Insurance can be obtained from the Head Office should it be necessary to produce this.


8.        Theft

8.1       If the vehicle or possessions have been stolen this should be reported to Head Office and the police immediately and a crime report number obtained.   

8.2       Computers and other items of equipment are not covered by insurance and therefore must not be left unattended at any time.

8.3       Personal effects are not generally covered within the insurance and therefore should be covered separately by your own household insurance.          


9.         Accidents


9.1      Liability must not be admitted.  Particulars should be exchanged with the name and address of the other drivers involved being noted together with the registration numbers of the vehicles.  The law provides that this information should be obtained and if any difficulty is experienced then the matter should be reported to the police within 24 hours.       Where possible, names and addresses of any witnesses should be obtained.

9.2       If there has been an injury then the matter should be reported to the police and a copy of your driving licence and the current Certificate of Insurance provided to them within five  days.

9.3       All accidents must be immediately reported to your Reporting Manager or a Director.


10        Types of Permitted Use                                                                              


A Company car may be used in connection with the Company’s business and for social, domestic and pleasure.  A Company Van may only be used for purposes in connection with Company’s business, NOT for social, domestic or pleasure.


11        Traffic Offences                                                                                                       


All fines imposed following conviction on traffic offences will be at the expense of the       authorised driver.  Should the Company be invoiced for a fixed penalty fine together   with an administration charge then the Company will pass both these costs on to you

            You hereby agree that any such deduction may be made from your salary.


12        Travel Abroad

12.1     A Company Car may only be taken abroad if express approval has been obtained from Head Office.  The authorised driver must ensure that the appropriate breakdown cover are taken out, which will be at the authorised driver’s expenses.


12.2     A Company Van may not be taken abroad under any circumstances.


13        Fuel                                                                                                                


The provision of private fuel is a taxable benefit. If the authorised driver is entitled to          private fuel this is provided on the understanding that claims are made for reasonable            travel only.  Private fuel is not reimbursed outside of normal business use and thus any fuel expenses incurred while the vehicle is abroad or used for UK holiday use, will be the responsibility of the authorised driver.


14.       Business Mileage

14.1    The taxable benefit in kind on cars is determined by the list price and Co2 omissions.  The taxable benefit in kind on vans used for private purposes is determined by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs rates.

14.2    If no private fuel is provided, then business mileage must be detailed in a mileage return and will be paid at HM Revenue & Customs rates.

14.3     If you are using your own car for business use, then it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is correctly insured for business use and a copy of the certificate must be held at Head Office.