Health & Safety

It is the responsibility of all employees to make themselves aware of our Health and Safety Policy.  All Employees have a duty of care in respect of the health and safety of not only themselves, but of other employees, customers and members of the public.


You must adhere to the general health and safety rules and procedures.


All accidents no matter how minor are to be reported without delay.  Employees are required to fully co-operate with all subsequent enquiries as to the cause, consequences and future prevention, of accidents.


Alcohol for personal consumption is not allowed on Company premises, and you should refrain from consuming alcohol during working hours, this includes during lunch breaks etc.


Under no circumstances should you present yourself for work whilst under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, drugs or other substances.  Any attempt to work whilst in such a condition will be regarded as a serious breach of the rules.



(Issued under Health & Safety or Hygiene Regulations)


Where protective clothing or equipment is issued to you, this is done for your protection and must therefore be worn or used at the appropriate times.  Failure to wear protective clothing or use safety equipment will render the individual liable to disciplinary action.  Remember that you have a personal responsibility for your own health and safety and that of others and you should ensure that you exercise this responsibility carefully both through your actions and in the maintenance and care of such clothing or equipment.


A Statement of Company Policy on Health and Safety


It is the policy of the Company to protect and promote the health and safety of its employees at work.


It will carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to which employees or visitors may be exposed whilst on the Company’s premises or undertaking and will make protective arrangements accordingly during and out of working hours.


Health and Safety policy is the direct concern of managers and supervisors at all levels within the Company and every member of staff is charged under the Act with the duty of care for their own safety, the safety of fellow workers and of any person within the work area.  Each employee also has a duty to co-operate with persons responsible for the implementation of health and safety policy to enable them to carry out their duties.


The Company will avoid the use of dangerous materials or practices wherever practicable, but where use is unavoidable the Company will institute effective protective measures.  The Company will observe its statutory obligations arising from health and safety legislation for all periods of work and will also make provision for emergencies occurring outside of normal working hours.


It will from time to time publish codes of practice on specific health and safety matters which may amplify, interpret or go beyond the legal requirements, and will ensure their observance.


Nothing set down in this policy statement in any way relieves any employee of his or her responsibilities at law for health and safety and they will be periodically advised of their obligations and of the consequences of neglect.


To fulfill the requirements of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 each employee will be informed of the Company’s policy and the organisation and arrangements for carrying out that policy, and of any subsequent revisions.


Organisation for Health and Safety


The Managing Director is ultimately responsible for health and safety within the Company, and his duties and responsibilities for this are delegated on a day to day basis through our line managers.


Managers assisted by their assistants or deputies are responsible for the safety of employees reporting to them and all other persons in their Departments.


These Managers will keep themselves informed of all relevant statutory and other safety regulations and codes of practice which shall apply in their areas and to their processes.


They are responsible for ensuring that such regulations and safety codes are properly adhered to within their areas of responsibility, and are understood and followed by the employees.  They are responsible for, or assisting in, conducting risk assessments in the areas under their control.  They will provide training in safe working practices, and implement improvements resulting from risk assessment recommendations.  They will ensure that all methods of production, processes and materials are approved for safety.




Employees may be required to undergo a medical examination by a Doctor nominated by the Company at any time during their employment.  This examination is confidential and is designed to ensure that you are not placed in a job which is likely to affect your health.  If you feel that your job is affecting your health, you must promptly ask your Reporting Manager to arrange for a medical examination or referral.


If you suffer from eye strain or headaches you must discuss this promptly with your Reporting Manager.




The Company stresses to all employees that they must:


      i.        Use safety equipment provided under the law or directed by the site Management.


     ii.        Not misuse or interfere with things provided for their safety, health and welfare.


    iii.        Not knowingly do anything liable to endanger themselves or others but should take reasonable care for the health and safety at work of themselves and any other people who might be affected by their acts or omissions.


   iv.        Not interfere with plant and equipment guards, which if removed would cause possible hazards to operators.  Only authorised personnel are permitted to remove safety guards from plant and equipment when necessary to effect repair, maintenance, refurbishment or installation.


    v.        Not use compressed air without authority.


   vi.        Report any defect equipment or other hazard which they think might cause an accident promptly to their Reporting Manager.


  vii.        No employee who in the our opinion is intoxicated will be allowed to remain at work and is against Company rules to bring intoxicating substances in to the work place.


 viii.        If visiting a client at their premises, employees must make themselves aware of the Client/customer’s company’s health and safety procedures and ensure that they are fully observed.


   ix.        Co-operate with us and others to enable them to comply with statutory duties and requirements.


Fire Prevention


Fire is a serious danger; please observe the following rules at all times.


1.  No person shall without permission light any fire or, do anything causing or tending to cause fire.


2. Extreme care must be taken when handling solvents or inflammable liquids.  Any spillage must be wiped up immediately.


3.  Smoking is forbidden in any part of the Company’s premises, and this rule must be observed at all times.


4.  Fire extinguishers are located in all areas.  Please acquaint yourself with their exact location near to your own work area.  Be sure to check which of these extinguishers have been marked: Do not use on Electrical Fires.


5.  Find out from your Reporting Manager which are your nearest escape routes to be used in case of fire.


In case of Fire what should I do?


If you discover a fire give the alarm at once.


If you have no other responsibilities leave the building quickly and quietly by the indicated route.  Once outside, assemble together with your fellow employees, so that your Reporting Manager can take a roll call.


Leave the building on hearing the alarm for fire unless it is beyond all doubt that it is not necessary to do so.  If possible, close all windows and doors behind you as you make your escape from the building except where other employees are following.


If you suspect that there a staircase is weakened by fire, keep close to the wall when using it.


If escape is cut off, do not panic, but go to a window and wait for the arrival of the Fire Brigade.  If possible, this should be in a room with the door closed against the source of the fire.


First Aid


First Aid facilities are provided at every work location and in mobile vans.


If you have an accident and hurt yourself at work – no matter how slightly – you must tell your Reporting Manager.  This is important in case you have to make a claim under the National Insurance Industrial Injuries Scheme. 


Employees will be granted paid leave of absence during their working hours to attend medical appointments arising from works accidents.