During your Employment



You must comply with any time recording procedures relating to your job. No employee may falsify his/her own time recording or that of another employee, or permit his/her own time recording to be falsified.  Breach of these rules will be regarded as gross misconduct rendering the employee(s) concerned liable to disciplinary action including summary dismissal. The term “falsify” in this provision includes the amendment of any record or entry, and the making any record or entry which is known at the time to be incorrect or incomplete.


Lateness and absence will be recorded and if you arrive for work more than ten minutes late, you must tell your Reporting Manager. Unacceptable levels of timekeeping and attendance will render you liable to disciplinary action.  Should you wish to leave the premises during working hours, you must obtain prior permission from your Reporting Manager and complete the Working Time Log at the time.  Time lost due to lateness must be made up or the appropriate payments will be deducted from salary, and by signing the Return Slip, you consent to all such lawful deductions being made.




During the course of your employment, you are likely to come into contact with clients and/or members of the public and your appearance and dress code is therefore important so that we always portray a professional image.  We therefore require all employees to wear neat, clean and tidy clothing, appropriate to their job responsibilities in order to maintain a professional image at all times.  Any uniform and protective clothing required for your job must be worn at all times whilst carrying out your duties.


If you wish to wear any items of jewellery or clothing of a political or religious nature, you must discuss this beforehand with your Reporting Manager. We will try to strike a balance between your wishes and the need to avoid causing reasonable offence to others at work in accordance with our Equal Opportunities Policy.




At all times during your employment the needs of the business are paramount and you should ensure that all your efforts and energies are focused on achieving this objective.


You may not during your employment or after its termination (irrespective of the reason) disclose confidential information relating to our business to any person, or organisation, without our prior written consent.


You must comply with any reasonable instruction or request given to you by an authorised person.


You must not enter into any other form of work or activity whilst in our employment, which could be construed as being in direct competition with us, or presents a potential or actual conflict of interest in relation to our business.




Whilst we have no intention or wish to intrude upon your activities or interests outside work, we would expect that none of our employees would be engaged in any activity outside working hours which, in our view, potentially or actually affects your suitability or ability to continue in your role within our business. Please discuss this matter with your Reporting Manager if you have any concerns in this regard.




On commencing employment with the Company, you will be taken on a tour of the premises to familiarise you with the layout and facilities, you will also be introduced to your work and colleagues.


You will be trained as appropriate in all aspects of your job in order for you to comply with the Company’s methods/practices and to ensure that you are able to function safely and to achieve the required standards.




The Company encourages its employees to undertake such training as it feels appropriate to the duties/responsibilities or development of its employees.


All internal training events i.e. organised by the Company, will be discussed and agreed with each employee prior to the event.


Should the Company require an employee to attend external training; this too will be discussed and agreed in advance.  All agreed costs incurred in such training will be met by the Company.


Should an employee request support with attending external training of a category/level not identified during the career appraisal process, such requests will be considered and decided on the merits of mutual benefit in relation to the employee’s role and development within the Company.


In order to protect the Company’s investment in training, employees may be required to sign and comply with a “Reimbursement of Training Fees Agreement”.




It is going to be our practice to monitor performance on an on-going basis to ensure that issues can be identified at a very early stage and rectified either by retraining or by informal counseling wherever reasonably practicable.  In this way we feel we can create a positive approach to problem solving and improve efficiency.


However if there is deemed to be an unacceptable volume or quality of work produced in relation to agreed targets, or by general comparison with other employees, this will be the subject of further consideration.  Whilst the Disciplinary Procedure may be invoked, we will also consider whether training or other forms of assistance might be more appropriate.


The Company proposes to carry out annual performance reviews whenever reasonably practicable, and reserve the right to change the timing of the annual performance reviews at any time and without notice.


Also, annual performance and evaluation reviews will outline the competencies an employee needs in order to perform his or her job functions successfully. 




All employees are expected to display a high standard of teamwork.  You should co-operate in undertaking work of absent colleagues or in assisting in other departments where the workload is particularly high.  Accordingly, you may from time to time be required to undertake such other duties and/or hours of work as may reasonably be required to ensure the Company’s business needs are met.  This will ensure the most efficient use of available resources to meet the Company’s business needs.




From time to time we may ask you to move either temporarily or permanently to any other site on which we operate.


Such a request would only be made to meet our operational needs.  We undertake to consult fully with you before any move takes place, and to take into account any personal factors which would impact on you.  Finally we undertake that any move would only be to a site within reasonable daily traveling distance of your home.