Commencing Work



Any offer of employment made to you is based upon information given to us on your application form and during your interview(s).   If it transpires that any of this information is false or misleading, then the Company reserves the right to withdraw any offer of employment made to you. As time goes by, some of your personal details may change.   It is essential that you inform the Salary Department of any changes to your address, telephone number, marital or civil partner status etc.   If you fail to promptly update us, this may lead to you, your family and the Company being seriously inconvenienced, especially in an emergency.




You will have been interviewed and have received an offer of employment providing some basic details of your job, pay and hours etc.  We cannot incorporate all employment conditions in that offer. However, we shall issue you with a written contract of employment within the first four weeks of your employment.  These documents set out all or most of the terms conditions and other provisions applicable to your employment with the Company.




As an employee, you will have a personal file created which will contain documents including any application form, offer of employment, and a copy of your written contract of employment.  During the course of your employment, other documents which are specific to you may be added to that file. 


Personal data will be retained by the Company and/or by its third party representatives in a manual or computerised form, and will be processed by the Company and/or its representatives in a fair and lawful manner. 


By signing and returning the Return Slip attached to the Employee Handbook, you consent to the Company obtaining, retaining and processing personal data relating to you for the above purposes, and to enable us to comply with our policies in relation to equal opportunity and the investigation of complaints of harassment and other grievances. We do not seek to obtain, retain, and/or process any personal data relating to an employee’s private life which is not work-related.


The Company will comply with its obligations in respect of any such information.  A list of the type of information the Company may hold concerning you, together with the reasons for doing so and the purposes for which the information may be used and/or the persons to whom it may be disclosed, is available for inspection by application to the Employee Relations Consultant. You are entitled to examine (and if appropriate, amend) the information held by the company concerning you, and you are entitled to receive a copy of your personal file in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988. Further details can be obtained from the Employee Relations Consultant. 


Personal data is stored by the Company securely.




Please keep us informed of any changes in your personal circumstances e.g. new address, telephone number and next of kin for the reasons mentioned under Personal Information above.  It is important that we keep such information up to date in order to make contact with you whenever appropriate.  This may include contacting you out of normal working hours.




It is our intention to issue new employees with a Job Description for the position they are holding at the outset of their employment. These will also be issued as soon as possible to existing employees. The purpose of a Job Description is to clearly set down the main tasks and responsibilities within your job, so that you may understand what is required from you. 


To reflect the changing needs of the business, we may make amendments from time to time to your Job Description.  You will be consulted about such changes whenever reasonably practicable.




The first three months of your employment with us will be regarded as a probationary period.  During this period we shall review with you your on-going performance and suitability.  Naturally we would hope to then be able to record your position as permanent, but it may be necessary to extend the probationary period with your knowledge where we consider this to be appropriate.  If you take leave during your probationary period, we will usually add the time taken to the probationary period.