Annual, Bank & Public Holidays



Your contract of employment specifies your annual holiday entitlement in addition to bank/public holidays. Any changes will be advised to you in writing or issued by general notice to all affected employees. Part-time employees will receive a pro-rata entitlement to full-time employees.




A "working week" may vary from employee to employee and is shown in your contract of employment.


You accrue holidays concurrently during the year. Your entitlement for part years of service (i.e. joiners/leavers) is calculated as 1/12th of the annual entitlement for each complete month of service during the current holiday year.




Holiday entitlement must be used during the calendar year in which it is accrued, except for up to three days which an employee may elect to carry into the following calendar year.  Any accrued but unused holiday entitlement in excess of three days will be forfeited on September 30th  , except for new employees who commenced employment after that date in the year concerned, who will be allowed to carry forward any holiday entitlement accrued but untaken  during the calendar year  in which they started into the following holiday year.




It is our usual policy not to make payments in lieu of untaken holidays.




Our holiday year begins on the 1st October and ends on the 30th September each year.




Holiday pay is calculated using normal contractual weekly hours as specified in your contract of employment.


Otherwise, for any employee who does not work a basic week of fixed or regular hours and/or days of work, calculation of a “week’s holiday pay” is based on an average of earnings during the twelve weeks actually worked in the period leading up to the start date of your holiday.


In general terms, we seek to be as accommodating as possible in granting time off for annual holidays.  However, all holiday requests will be considered on a "first come, first served" basis and we reserve the right to vary times requested in accordance with the needs of the business and to ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained.  Once confirmed, holiday dates will not normally be subject to change.


All holiday requests are to be presented using the Holiday Request Form (which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below). Once completed, it must be submitted to your Reporting Manager.  Holidays must not be booked without receiving prior authorisation from your Reporting Manager.  If you take holidays without prior authorisation you will be subject to disciplinary action which, in serious cases, may include summary dismissal.


N.B.     Should you disregard this rule and we are subsequently unable to grant your "request", we will not be liable for any financial loss or other damage which you might incur, e.g. forfeiture of deposits or reservation penalties.


In order to plan our holiday rota as effectively as possible, we require you to give at least four weeks’ notice of your wish to take holidays of a week or more and one week’s notice of single days holidays.


You will not normally be permitted to take annual holidays in excess of three consecutive working weeks.  As a general guide not more than 25% of any Department should be away at the same time.


Any requests for a holiday exceeding three weeks’ duration must be approved beforehand by your Reporting Manager or an officer of the company before they are booked and/or taken.  This will be at management discretion.  Holidays may not be taken in less than half day units. 


In the event of a shortage of work situation arising, as an initial solution we may require you to take some, or all, of your unused accrued holiday entitlement, which has not previously been confirmed as agreed and booked.




If your employment terminates, any holidays accrued but not taken may not be used before you leave unless agreed upon by your supervisor.  Any unused holiday balance will be paid in lieu as part of your final termination pay.


If your employment terminates (irrespective of the reason) and you have taken holidays exceeding the days accrued and due to you at the effective date of termination of employment, we reserve the right to recover a sum equal to the amount of excess holidays taken by making a deduction from your final pay. By signing and returning the Return Slip, you consent to any such deduction.  You will be notified of such in writing.




The Public/Bank Holidays or substitute days which we consider to be part of the annual holiday entitlement are:



                                                New Years Day                    Last Monday in May

                                                Good Friday                          Last Monday in August

                                                Easter Monday                     Christmas Day

                                                First Monday in May            Boxing Day




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